Instant Split Pay - Get Better Results From Your Affiliates

Instantly Pay Affiliates: No need to worry about remembering to pay affiliates again. The hard work is done fore you

Increase Profits: Affiliates are paid instantly, so they become more motivated and promote harder

Increase Trust: Remove the worry from affiliates that they will get paid, which means more people will promote

FusionPay is a payment system that uses advanced API technology in PayPal to provide a simple solution to paying affiliates.

When you choose to use FusionPay (from within FusionHQ) any payments recieved will be split between you (the product owner) and the affiliate. The split and payment happens instantly, so affiliates no longer have to wait 30 or more days to get paid.

This means affiliates are more motivated as they see the money coming into their PayPal everytime a sale is made. For those using paid traffic it also means they have the funds to scale their campaigns (without having to wait to get paid).

You may be worrying about what happens if a customer refunds... Well don't. Refunds are withdrawn equally from both your and the affiliates PayPal accounts in the ratio they were deposited.

Another big advantage is you no longer have to worry about PayPal transfer fees when paying affiliates. This is all taken care of, instantly. A single transaction fee of $0.45, plus 4.5% is taken for each payment recieved.